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--David R. Mathison
Critics of the New Testament say it is a myth. Consider the evidence that supports the belief that it is credible history. 
Understand Biblical salvation from a free will theological perspective.  
Christ is the focal point of all beliefs about God. Did he claim to be God, that everyone is God, or that God is one. See why the concept of the Trinity is both Biblical, and rational in relation 
to the personal God. 
Everyone has a belief
about human origin and destiny, but only one answer can be logically correct. Ultimate reality cannot be created it must be discovered. Human Origin and Destiny is 
designed so that you can evaluate your 
own world view and compare it with the three major views. Understand why the existence of God as a personal being is the only rational answer 
to the question of our personal existence.
There are not many opportunities and places to participate in an open discussion about the differing views of human origin, destiny, and dignity, and to debate the existence and nature of God based on a DFT or openness view. This web site has been created for that purpose. 
The concept of God is the most important aspect of our way of thinking about the world and ourselves. DFT deals  with God's nature and character. Very few people know that a philosophical ideal of God conceived by Plato and Aristotle--the direct opposite of the Biblical portrait--has been blended into many theologies from Augustine to today. See how this developed and how adversely this synthesis affects our thinking about God and reality.
Some paleontologists today, advocating a theory of evolution called punctuated equilibrium, readily acknowledge that the fossil record does not prove a gradualistic account of evolution. See why evolution is a belief that cannot be proven. Consider the evidence for a Biblical creation. 
A directory for DFT friends. Meet the people and ministries that share the DFT or Openness perspective. Here are some of the authors and books on this subject.
"The human soul longs for
eternal life, the rational mind
for absolute truth, and the 
broken heart for healing
love." --David R. Mathison

D   Y   N   A   M   I   C      F   R   E   E      T   H   E   I   S   M      C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S