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Greg Boyd
Clark Pinnock
John Sanders
Dr. Boyd is Senior Pastor at Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota. Church attendance has grown to 5,000 since he helped start it in 1992. Greg served as Professor of Theology at Bethel College for sixteen years. He received his B.A. in philosophy from the University of Minnesota, his M. Div. from Yale Divinity School (Cum Laude, 1982), and his Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary (Magnum Cum Laude, 1988). Go to Greg's website to find out more about his ministry. 
Dr. Clark Pinnock served as Professor of Systematic Theology at McMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, Ontario, for over 23 years. He received his B.A. at the University of Toronto, and his Ph.D. from the University of Manchester. See a brief biography of his life and review a list of his books. Read an online interview with Clark. Here is a good place to purchase his books. Watch Clark lecture about "open theology" on YouTube.
John Sanders was associate professor of philosophy and religion at Huntington College in Huntington, Indiana and is currently serving as visiting professor of religion at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. He has edited an written several books. He received his Th.D. at the University of South Africa. Read the articles with his debate on Openness theism in 
Christianity Today.
Open Theism Information Site
"This site is designed to disseminate information about Open Theism. Most of the information found here is the result of a great deal of scholarly work done by professional philosophers of religion, theologians, and religious academics of diverse backgrounds working in a wide range of institutions." 
--John Sanders

Order: The Openness of God
Francis A Schaeffer (January 30, 1912–May 15, 1984) was a theologian, philosopher, and pastor; he is famous for his writings, evangelism, and the establishment of a Christian community in L'Abri, Switzerland.

Finding a rational answer for the meaning of our existence, and communicating it to modern man was Dr. Schaeffer's life mission. The God Who Is There,  Escape From Reason, and He Is There and He Is Not Silent are three books every Christian, serious about sharing the Gospel, should read. All three are together in one book, The Francis A. Schaeffer TrilogyDr. Schaeffer is noted for his presuppositional apologetics. His book, He is There And He Is Not Silent, is a basis for evangelism today and, in my opinion, the best expression of his brilliance. He explains how the existence of a infinite and personal God provide us with an answer to the meaning of our personal existence; an answer to the reason for the existence of evil; and a basis for rational thought. 

Dr. Schaeffer was not a free will theist, perse, but three fundamental Biblical truths that are the basis of his writings also form the basis for Dynamic Free Theism: 1. Love and communication are intrinsic in God, which is movement.
2. God existed before he created the world, which is time in God.
3. Biblical thought is based on antithesis, which is the foundation for         human rationality and Biblical revelation.
Francis Schaeffer
"On April 15, 1974, Brother Jed Smock preached on campus for the first time at Indiana University in Bloomington. This is where God anointed him to proclaim a message of repentance, and faith in Jesus Christ. Brother Jed has celebrated his 30th year of preaching on college campuses nationwide and beyond. He has declared the message of salvation to thousands of students. For 30 years Bro. Jed has remained faithful and ministered to innumerable students, encouraged Christians to boldness, churches to holiness, and has been an example for many of us that know him personally."--Ruben Israel  Jed's wife Cindy is a faithful companion, dynamic preacher, and the mother of their five children. See his Website.
Jed and Cindy Smock
Winkie Pratney
Winkie is involved with helping and training young people of all ages and works with many leading international youth movements including Campus Life, Champions For Christ, Operation Mobilization, Masters Commission, Youth With A Mission, Young Life, Youth Alive, and Teen Challenge. He conducts yearly leadership training for youth workers in Europe, North America and the Pacific, and has been involved as an advisory and consultant to church, civic, educational, government and social welfare leaders on the needs and problems of modern teenagers. He occasionally speaks in churches, but his primary call is to students. A frequent featured speaker and guest on national television talk shows, his audio and video-tape lectures are carried by many effective outreach ministries as part of their training. Winkie has authored more than twelve books including youth manuals like the best-selling Youth Aflame!, Handbook For Followers Of Jesus, books on contemporary and historical issues like Devil Take The Youngest, Revival - Twenty Centuries Of Vision and Visitation, Dealing With Doubt and evangelistic and apologetic works like the contemporary  devotional theology, The Nature And Character Of GodSee his website and read articles by him. 

Bob Enyard Open Theism Seminar
Theology Online
Bob is a radio broadcaster and pastor of Denver Bible Church.  
He has been a television and radio talk show host and author since the 1980s, in Colorado. He was born 1959 in Paterson, New Jersey of Italian descent. He is 
an advocate of open theism and has debated it at theology online. He has a seminar on open theism on YouTube and on DVD.
Bob Enyart