We are no longer living in a Biblically oriented culture or nation. Challenging modernity's 
relativism is a difficult battle. Christianity, as a valid world view of absolute truth, is constantly under attack. We must respond to the four major criticisms leveled against Christianity with rational answers if we are going to be effective in our Christian witness. If our answers are contradictory then our 
Christianity becomes just another irrational faith.

Historical Criticism
The Bible is a collection of myths and legends from Hebrew and other cultures 
that have been altered through time and the collaboration of copyists.

Philosophical Criticism
No one can prove the existence of God and Jesus did not claim he was deity.

Scientific Criticism
Science has proven that the world evolved through natural 
causes rather than created by God.

Theological Criticism
If God is all powerful and all knowing, he is responsible for the existence 
of evil and is not really a God of love.

The Evangelical Christian community, of which I am a part of, consists of those who 
believe in the "new birth" experience brought about by personal faith in the deity, atonement, and resurrection of Christ. We also believe in our personal responsibility to be a witness of our 
faith and to pray for the salvation of others. But we do not all agree on the explanations for our beliefs. We must be both Biblical and rational in our explanations of Biblical truth. Answers that 
are irrational and contradictory weakened Christian faith and silenced our witness. Contradictions within our belief will never be accepted as absolute truth about eternal reality by any rationally 
minded person. Because I can answer these criticisms without contradiction from a dynamic free theistic perspective, I am not afraid to go to the campuses, parks, and sidewalks of our cities, 
present the gospel and explain it with confidence and compassion.
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"Truth has fallen in the public square." 
Isaiah 59:14
Talking with students at Brooklyn College.
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